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Velated, a play on the words vegan and related, is a recipe exploration engine. It differs from a search engine in that any content within the app can be easily used as a seed to find other related content. If you notice each recipe that is displayed has an up arrow in the bottom right corner. Clicking that arrow moves that recipe to the top of the page and the results are then changed to recipes that are related based on ingredients, categories, ethnicity and dietary considerations. Another significant consideration in this application is a user’s resistance to creating an account. In Velated you can save any recipe by clicking the heart in the bottom right. This save will be available for the user until the session expires, but if the user uses the site, saves recipes and then decides to create a permanent account the saved recipes are automatically imported to the new account.

When I started this application in 2015 I was not very familiar with graph databases. To achieve the results I wanted I generate and store all the relations between recipes. Not doing this would bog down the server while millions of relations are generated. So you lose performance while a recipe is being added, but gain it when recipes are being explored. Now that I understand Graph databases, and specifically Neo4J, I understand that I was pretty much forcing a graph into mysql by storing those relations. I do have plans for a complete rework of this application with Neo4J.

Zork, The Great Underground Empire! You might remember this text based classic game from the 80's and early 90's. This project is my own version of the classic with a few modern twists, such as multiplayer and real-time gameplay. I started this project in order to gain an understanding of natural language parsing along with spacial databases. It's a side project and is still in early development.

A fun, maybe silly, project I started to gain some skills with generating graphics and PDFs on the fly. Users will be able to fill in typical information found on a resume, and the application will take the information and generate a resume that looks similar to a Dungeons and Dragons player’s sheet. This is a side project, and is still in early stages of development.

Just started! Costume Gawker is a collaborative effort among several developers, including myself. The idea behind this project is to gain experience working in a team environment with collaborative technologies such as Git and Slack.